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Trans-Locations by David Regal

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This is a very clever routine which amounts to a three coin version of John Kennedy’s Translocation, but done with three dramatically different coins, a Kennedy Half Dollar, a copper English Penny and a brass “Chinese” coin. What’s nice about this is that unlike previous efforts to create a similar effect, all three coins actually do transpose from one hand to the other.

Effect: The trick is relatively easy to do and it’s surprising that David has kept the cost so reasonable. It uses TWO gimmicked coins and just one of either of these gaffs in a set from Schoolcraft or Lassen would cost more than the price of the entire set from David!

Both coins can be used for countless other effects like the sadly ignored Sun & Moon Coins and Tommy Wonder’s Socked Coins, so when you consider the utility of these gaffs, this is a steal. And, unbelievably, David also supplies three matching regular coins, including an ungaffed Kennedy half! I think it’s exceptional when a magic maker provides EVERYTHING you need so you can literally open the box and start practicing without having to dig through drawers for matching coins, etc.

The complete set includes a regular half dollar, regular English Penny, regular Chinese coin, special gimmicked copper coin and special gimmicked half dollar, plus the outstanding detailed instructional DVD.

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Approx. Price: $140.00 (2009) ***

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