Miraculous Coin Casket by Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering

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On page 202 of Modern Magic Professor Hoffman described The Miraculous Casket. In 1991 Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering, founded by George Richbark and Dave Dorsett, created this beautiful reproduction staying true to Professor Hoffman’s description. And what a beauty it is.

Effect: A locking hardwood box 3″ x 2″ x 2-1/2″ is shown. The box looks like a small treasure chest. The interior is velvet lined with slots to accept four coins. After borrowing four coins and locking them inside the box, they vanish, one at a time! And, the most amazing part is that they vanish while the spectator is holding the box! The workmanship on this prop is outstanding. Made of Mahogany and brass with a mechanism nothing short of brilliant!

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