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Coin Vanishing Stand by Sam Dalal

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Effect: This is a mechanical stand, useful for vanishing four coins in a very convincing manner. The stand is used to apparently display the coins, and its innocent and clever design makes it seem impossible for the coins to be concealed in this. And yet, that is exactly what happens – the coins slide into the stand – out of view, in the act of picking them up.

The Coin Vanishing Stand can be used in any effect where coins are to be vanished, and later reproduced in another place, in conjunction with any other coin producing apparatus. As you produce the coins one at a time, you place them on the stand to display. At the end, quickly pick up the four coins one at a time, and toss them into the air – they all vanish. Coins from nowhere, – back to nowhere !!!

Made in laminated wood, and supplied with many ideas for its use.

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Approx. Price: $5.00 (2001) ***

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1 review for Coin Vanishing Stand by Sam Dalal

  1. Anonymous

    Looks good but too noisy

    I love the look but the coin makes a loud sliding noise when vanished, so bad that I won’t ever use it.

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