Coin Cylinder by Fred Lowe

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Fred Lowe created this c. 1966 and it is likely based on either Abbott’s Double Cap Coin Trick c. 1948, or the still earlier Brema’s Nickles and Dimes. Fred’s Coin Cylinder came out almost a decade before one of Tenyo’s biggest sellers: Dynamic Coins which uses basically the same gimmicks though the routines vary. This is the rarer version of the Coin Cylinder using Half Dollars not Quarters which is the more common size. The larger size makes for an even more spectacular looking effect.

Effect: A spectator holds a small brass cylinder whilst performer fills it with half dollars — the spectator can place some of the coins in the cylinder himself. Without any switches or steals, the nickels vanish or change into quarters for example whilst spectator still holds the cylinder. The spectator himself opens the cylinder.

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