Beggar Coins by Art Franklin, Tony Chaudhuri, Hank Moorehouse

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This is a wonderful set of utility coins with some great routines. The coins themselves are very solid and heavy, and much nicer than many Chinese coins I have seen recently. It also comes with five clear, concise and complete routines from the combined efforts and genius of Art Franklin, Tony Chaudhuri and Hank Moorehouse.

Effect: The coins consist of is a seven piece close-up kit. Constructed of brass there are four Oriental coins (half dollar size), two precision shells which fit over and match the coins and one large Oriental coin.  Some sets I have seen have an extra Split coin for penetrations, but that is not in all sets.

Routines include:

  • Hong Kong Coin
  • Hand To Pocket
  • Tabletop Filtration
  • Chinatown Cheat
  • Three Times Thrice

Three Times Thrice alone is easily one of the finest routines utilizing trick coins ever conceived. It combines elements of the famous Matrix Routine, plus Reverse Matrix plus Chink-A-Chink with a giant coin climax!

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Approx. Price: $75.00 (2013) ***

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