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Bauer 05 – Horn Swoggled Again! by Ron Bauer

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Effect: “From the man who is overconfident enough to be EASY PREY for any short con!” This is a streamlined handling of the “short change” trick called Hornswoggled. The presentation, however, is quite different from the typical “so this guy said” storytelling approach. You swindle a spectator in the “fairest” possible way. Then, he unwittingly turns the tables. This version of Hornswoggled actually has a payoff! And, the real money you use won’t be suspect, thanks to the principle of “casual handling.”


1 Introduction
2 Premise
2 Required Materials and Set-Up: Five $1 bills, three $5 bills, one $10 bill, and rubber cement
3 Step-by-Step Procedure: through page 13
13 The End
13 The Illusion In a Nutshell
13 Analysis of the Illusion
15 Casual Handling
17 Fanning Powder Notes

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Approx. Price: $10.00 (2001) ***

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1 review for Bauer 05 – Horn Swoggled Again! by Ron Bauer

  1. Gary Michaels

    Best You Can Do

    Caveat: Ron Bauer is a close personal friend of mine; I’m a regular member of his invitation-only Monday Night Roundtable posse in Lake Orion, MI, where many of the members have notebooks out, jotting down everything Ron says.

    The guy’s the most gifted underground mind in our business: best friend of Don Alan until his death a few years back (and Milt Kort — no he’s not dead yet!) for 40 years, author, video producer, former serious associate of Louis Falanga (L&L Publishing — until the disastrous Don Alan book, which he was slated to write)… I could go on and on. But I won’t. Apart from revealing the fact that Bauer’s assisting me in writing the authorized Rings ‘n Things book with RnT founder Mike Brazill.

    As for the effect:

    I’ve been performing the original "Hornswoggled" from J.G. Thompson’s "My Best" since my mentor George Kirkendall taught it to me in 1974.

    All of that said…

    Ron’s handling is the cleanest yet — no bills are sliced from one end to the other for a spread where you have to watch how far you "spread" the bills — it’s a perfect update.

    The patter is smart (and more modern), the preparation very simple, the reset instantaneous.

    This is one superior effect which you will use, especially for table-hopping or impromptu. A steal at $12 or whatever Ron’s selling it for now. The bills you’ll use are $30 in real currency so add that to the price of the effect.

    One tip: have the "prepared" bills in a money clip, along with some "normal" cash. It’s more convincing, especially impromptu.

    Pick this up. And thanks for reading my ramblings 😉


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