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X-Paramental by John Shirley

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Effect: This fascinating effect is a masterpiece of mental magic. With its’ clean design and straight forward appearance, coupled with a subtle mechanical method of working, it creates an intriguing experiment in the magic of the mind.

An stand is shown. Displayed on the stand are five jumbo playing cards with backs facing outward. The performer proceeds to turn the cards around one by one . Each card s seen to have a different ESP symbol printed on its fave. Additionally, five cover panes are shown, each having a number corresponding to one of the five positions occupied by the cards. The cards are removed from the stand, each being handed to a member of the audience. The performer instructs each individual holding a card to return it to the stand, placing it at random in any of the five positions. Afterward, the spectator covers the card with the appropriately numbered panel. While the cards are being replaced, the performer may be offstage or simply have his back turned so as not to view the proceedings. The performer, upon returning, asks the audience to choose a numbered panel. Immediately, he reveals the name of the ESP symbol which is concealed behind! The cover panel is removed to show that his prediction is correct.

The cover panes completely mask the cards so that the faces are neither visible from the front nor the back of the stand.

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1 review for X-Paramental by John Shirley

  1. Andy Martin

    Very Solid Mentalism

    This is a great effect and outfit from John Shirley back in the early 80’s.

    Very clean prediction of 5 jumbo ESP cards with the spectator touching all of the cards. I like this one!

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