Three by Bruce Bernstein

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Effect: THREE is dedicated to sharing with you some of the most commercial Mental Effects I have ever released

The first thing I should point out is that this is not a book suitable for beginners. To understand it fully, one must have a good working knowledge of the classics of Mentalism. But for those who do, I believe that this book contains ideas that will inspire and stimulate your own work.

In these pages, you’ll find effects that strive to be entertaining, deceptive, practical, and above all, commercial. In particular, “Remote Driving” and “Eat at Joe’s” are perfect for corporate shows. They are easily adapted to take advantage of slogans and metaphors that can help “sell” your services to companies and organizations that demand a customized touch. But they are just as useful to those who work private shows for clients that want that “little something extra” that makes us stand out from crowd.

On a slightly different front, The Force of Psychology was designed to be particularly useful for seminars, or any other performance situation in which you want to demonstrate how the audience’s “own intuitive” powers can come into play, giving them the feeling that they might be a touch psychic as well!

A brief rundown of the contents:

Remote Driving – A fun filled routine that is easy to do, yet is incredibly flexible in performance. This is a two-phased routine, in which you attempt to “influence” to which of five locations a spectator freely chooses to “drive” a small toy car. In the first phase, the spectator follows printed driving instructions that somehow direct her to a predicted location, although the performer has no control over which of five locations the spectator starts her journey or in what direction she decides to “drive” the car.

The second phase is even more impressive. Without the spectator knowing, the performer asks the entire audience to “will” the car to stop at one of five locations. As she “drives” the car suddenly stops as if on its own in front of that very location!

The Power of Psychology – New approaches to having the audience proving that THEY are psychic. With several differing strategies to accomplishing this goal, you are shown how to have members of your audience identify playing cards, colors, numbers, etc. on which their own members are concentrating. These are NOT instant stooges, or people “in on it”, but freely chosen spectators.

Eat At Joe’s – In my opinion, this is quite simply, the most commercial Mental Effect ever created. From the corporate world to an anniversary party, you couldn’t ask for a better closer or photo opportunity. A bunch of sealed envelopes are shown and then several members of the audience are asked to freely mix up their order. Yet when opened, the envelopes are seen to contain cards with letters on them, which only after being freely mixed properly spell out a predetermined message, such as “EAT AT JOE’S.”

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