The Secret of Montezuma (2015) by Thomas Pohle

(c. 2015)

This is the third item in the beautiful and colorful Aztec Series from Thomas. It is a clever item that is easy to reset and is quite mystifying.You show the four medallions of ancient Aztec gods including the great and powerful Montezuma arranged neatly on a stand.

The performer turns his head away from the audience and they are asked to remove any medallion, keep it secure in their hand, and close up the lid so that the performer is unable to see which one they have.The performer then shows the stand all around clearly showing there is no way to know which medallion they have chosen. He then turns his attention to a neat looking container than holds another closed box – all of which has been in view since the beginning. The closed box is removed and a single piece of parchment is removed. The box is clearly shown empty. The spectator now reveals the medallion that they removed earlier and the parchment is opened by the spectator and it is seen to be a perfect match!This effect has no complex set-up, instantly resets, and no memory work is required as Thomas has even engraved the images of the gods in the top of the box for an easy reminder of the order.

It uses a clever idea for the performer to divine which medallion is chosen (which can even be used behind your back or blind folded). It really is a very well thought out miracle! This new Aztec Series has something for everyone!

Approx. Price: $385.00 (08/2015) ***

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