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The Hidden by Andy Nyman

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Effect: The performer offers to demonstrate how he became so dexterous as a magician by revealing an exercise called “Dead Cutting.” The purpose of the exercise is to practice cutting an exact number of cards clean off the top of the pack. The magician demonstrates by succeeding at cutting exactly 12 cards off the top.

Then it’s a spectators turn to give it a try…A spectator is asked to place any coin, their wallet and their watch onto the table. They do so, placing them down in any order. The performer explains that the objects are going to act as markers and removes a deck of cards from his pocket. He asks the spectator to try and cut exactly 10 cards off the top of the deck. They do so and are instructed to place the pile in front of their coin.

The magician then asks them to cut another pile, this time 12 cards and place the pile by their watch. Finally, the spectator is asked to try to cut 15 cards, which go by their wallet.

The performer now admits to misleading the audience a bit, explaining that the lesson wasn’t about being dexterous, but about misdirection. He explains that by giving them a difficult and specifiic task to concentrate on, it mentally persuades them away from what is actually happening. The top cards of each pile are slid forward to the object they are by. What would have happened if they had cut even just one card more or one card less in each pile? The piles are now turned over to show standard playing card faces. The card cut by the coin is turned over, and the word “Coin” is seen to be printed on the card! The card by their watch says “Watch” and, of course, the card by their wallet says “Wallet” boldly across the face.

Comes with all of the necessary, specially-printed cards on Bicycle stock and detailed instructions.

The Hidden ($15) offers a very commercial approach to the standard Spectator Cuts the Aces effect. The spectators are asked to place a coin, a watch, and a wallet on the table. The magician brings out a deck of cards, shuffles it, and challenges three spectators to cut off a certain number of cards. Each pile of cards is placed by one of the objects (coin, watch, wallet). The top card of each pile is turned over; each bears one of the words Coin, Watch, or Wallet, matching the objects that are placed in front of the piles. The rest of the cards are shown to be different.

The Hidden has a very easy method that can easily be upgraded depending on your knowledge of card magic. If you incorporate a blank-faced deck (which is not supplied) you can get an added kicker by showing that the faces of the rest of the cards are blank. The Hidden breathes new life into an effect that is often less than entertaining. Well worth your consideration if the effect appeals to you.

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, August 2003)
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Approx. Price: $15.00 (2006) ***

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