Tarot Surprise by Al Lagomarsino, Tannen’s, Paul Curry

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This is based on Paul Curry’s Swindle Cut which is detailed in World’s Beyond (pg. 245) under A Swindle of Sorts and originally appeared in Paul Curry Presents c. 1974. Tarot Surprise appears in Tannen’s Catalog #18 c. 1995 and was created by Al Lagomarsino.

Effect: Two identical sets of Tarot Cards are displayed. Each set contains 10 cards. It is shown that both sets are arranged in the same order. The spectator is asked to select a set – no force. That set is mixed. It is shown that the sets are no longer in the same order. The second set is mixed by the performer as instructed by the spectator. Both sets are now face down in a mixed up arrangement. You show the power of the Tarot cards. As each card in each pile is turned face up they are a dead match! Yes the spectator can do this! Easy powerful and very effective! It comes with its own carrying case to ensure they will last you a lifetime.

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