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Stull System III by Collectors’ Workshop

Another great mentalism item from Collectors’ Workshop.

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1 review for Stull System III by Collectors’ Workshop

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    George Guerra

    Stull Prediction with the Modern Touch

    Rich Bloch of Collectors’ Workshop introduced an award winning effect back in 1979 called "Stull Watch Outdone" using a modern digital travel alarm clock. As CW was perhaps an idea to be borned, this item was released through Tannen’s. With CW coming into the picture in the mid 1980’s, this best seller was modified and improved. It was renamed Stull System III in their first full catalog(1987).

    The effect is the usual Stull prediction. An innocent looking digital travel alarm clock(Radio Shack) is introduced and shown the two buttons to change the hour and the minutes. Next, a prediction is introduced and set aside in full view. A handsome hard leather case is shown and the clock inserted into it. There is an opening for the buttons and a flap to view the screen. Again the controls are shown to change the time. The flap is made to cover the screen and the spectator starts playing with the buttons to randomly set an unknown time. As you would expect the clock is removed from the case and the time matches your prediction. Once the clock is inserted in the case, the performer never needs to handle the clock again.

    Great effect and one of the most practical effects released from Collectors’ Workshop. One problem..this was discontinued many years ago( I bought this item in the late 1980’s). Unless George Robinson decides to reintroduce this little gem, it’s now highly collectible, a beautiful item from the early CW years.

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