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Startling by Wayne Dobson

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Effect: You start by showing nine small solid brass engraved lettered tiles that when assembled make the word STARTLING. You then offer to show something STARTLING with a deck of cards. A card is chosen by spectator and placed face down on the table in front of them. Attention is then drawn to the brass tiles and the word STARTLING. One by one a single letter is removed, and each time another word is formed. This continues until just the letter ‘I’ remains. The discarded letters are then rearranged and amazingly they spell the name of the chosen card.

Comes complete with nicely made props & carry pouch and is 100% self working.

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1 review for Startling by Wayne Dobson

  1. Greg

    Plays Big

    Why oh why do I doubt Wayne Dobson? Often I read a description to one of his effects and dismiss it because it seems too simple. Then, I come back and read it again, and realize…simple is okay as long as the magic is good. And Wayne’s magic is good.

    "Startling" is really good. So simple to perform that you can take this effect and play it up with a lot of different story angles about old game pieces from your childhood, letters that fell off an old plaque or trophy…it’s wide open.

    Small effects that pack a big punch don’t come around that often. Get them while you can.

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