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Reflecta-thot by Larry Becker

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This was created by Larry Becker and it first appeared in Larry’s Book: World of Super Mentalism I c. 1977.

Effect: Larry considers this effect to be his best word test. A spectator is handed five 8-1/2″ x 11″ cards. Each card has a bold number (1 thru 5) on one side and 100 numbers and words on the other side. There are 500 different words in all, with no word appearing more than once.

You turn your back and ask the spectator to select any three of the five cards and to hold them with the single number sides facing him. The spectator is then asked to arrange the three numbers in any sequence he desires. You don’t have the slightest idea what this number is. The spectator is then told to find his freely selected number on the reverse side of one of the cards and to note the word next to his selected number.

While the spectator is looking at that word, and with your back still turned, you hand a sealed envelope to another member of the audience. Now, for the first time, the spectator reveals the selected word. When the sealed envelope is opened by the other spectator, he reads aloud a prediction which shows you have correctly DEFINED the one word in 500 that was mentally selected.

This is a wonderful effect you will want to add to your magic show, perform at magic meetings, or simply amaze your friends and neighbors.

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1 review for Reflecta-thot by Larry Becker

  1. Ken Driscoll

    Reflecta Thot’s Great

    We recently purchased the manufacturing rights to this effect from Helene’s Magic and it is great… If I had enough money I would stop production and keep this one all to myself. As for now we are selling the remaining of Helene’s stock at an unbeleivable low price of just $12.50 each for the first 50, then back to $15.00 for the rest. This is a great effect, we have some additional thooughts that might make this even easier to perform, as if that would be needed.

    Anyway this is a great effect and if anyone can get their hands on a set they should grab’em up

    Ken Driscoll
    [email protected]

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