Raven’s Slates by Docc Hilford

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These slates are interesting and different from any other set of slates available. Docc Hilford created his first set c. 1990, and then created sixteen sets that he sold at two of his lectures.  He then released this set as a limited edition to the magic community c. 2005. The name of the slates comes from his daughter’s name: Peyton Raven, who was instrumental in discovering the creepiest spiriting writing Docc and many others have ever seen. This is a popular item on the cafe and you can follow the thread over there.

To get the most out of them, you will need to be a little theatrical.  It comes with a 20 page booklet with detailed instructions

Effect: You’re having a few guests at your home for cocktails. Because your friends know of your unusual magical abilities, they ask for a demonstration. The lights are lowered and you set two black chalkboards and a small box on the dining table. “Tonight, we’re going to conduct an experiment in communication with the dearly departed. I know, it sounds fantastic, but the belief of spirit communication is as ancient as religion itself. Mike, I’d like you to help me, if it’s ok with you.”

You open the box and remove six slips of paper. You hand them and a red pencil to Mike, one of your guests.

“Mike, I want you to think of someone who has passed. Someone you knew, but no one who will make you sad; rather someone whose memory will bring you joy. Do you have someone in mind? Fine. Please use any of those papers and write the deceased person’s first name on it.”

Mike writes a name on a slip as you continue, “When you’re finished, please write five more names of living people, one on each of the other slips.” Mike complies and when finished mixes the slips. “Very good. The slips are well mixed? Wonderful. We’ll give them to Jenny.”

The papers are taken from Mike, mixed a little more and given to Jenny, another guest. You show the two black chalkboards. They’re clean of any writing on all four sides. One chalkboard is set up against a glass while you hold the other one. Taking a stick of chalk from the box, you ask Jenny to call off the names on the slip. Jenny reads the first slip, “Robin”. You write the name on the chalkboard. She continues, “Amy”. You add the name Amy to the chalkboard. Four more names are called off and written in various places on the chalkboard.

“Let me recapitulate what has happened so far. Mike thought of someone who has passed. He wrote that name, plus the names of five living persons on any of the slips of paper he had. All six names have been written on this chalkboard in a random order,” and you show the names. “Now, I’ll send all of the names back to the ethereal plain.”

You take a bottle of water and a cloth from the box and wash the chalked names from the chalkboard. The other chalkboard is picked up from the table and both are returned to a standing position. The chalk is gently placed between the two chalkboards.

“Mike is the only person here who knows which name represents a spirit – or is he? Perhaps someone on the other side knows also. If writing appeared on one of the chalkboards it might be a demonstration of a psychic phenomenon, psychokinesis, the movement of an object with the power of the mind. But if the spirits recognize the name of the deceased as one of their own, a name that only Mike knows, and they write it on the board, that would be proof of communication with the other side. Please join hands and sit silently while I try to contact that place of rest.”

The guests sit, hand in hand, waiting. You stand, apparently in deep concentration, with your hand held extended to the chalkboards. Suddenly, a soft scratching sound comes from the pair of black boards! More sounds emanate and are obviously made by the chalk writing something. Everyone can hear the loops being made and what sounds like an “i” being dotted. The sounds continue until the chalk drops from the bottom of the pair of chalkboards onto the table.

“Mike, what is the name you have in mind?” Mike says, “Bill”. You take away the front chalkboard and expose the name “Bill” scrawled across the black in white chalk.

“It looks as if we actually made contact. Perhaps we can get more.”

The second chalkboard is washed clean and leaned against the glass in front of the one bearing Bill’s name. This time, writing slowly appears on the front chalkboard. It looks as if some unseen spirit brought a message into focus on the blackness of the chalkboard. The message reads, “Mike, I am doing great. Thank you for thinking of me. Please continue with your writing project. Your novel will be profitable. ”

You set the board down and stare into the darkness or the room. You can see something; something that isn’t there. “Mike, was Bill an older man?” Mike says he was. “I think I can see him. He’s tall, in a blue sweater with a pipe, maybe. Grey hair; and is he bald? No, it’s a light coming from the top of his head. I think he’s saying that he’s a relative of yours.”

Mike nods. “He’s saying something about being your grandfather.” Mike almost falls out of his chair. “Yes!” he says, “Grandpa Bill.”

“Mike, your grandpa wants you to know he’s with you often. Look for him and you’ll see him. But now he has to return. He says he loves you, Mike.

“I must say, this has been one of the most successful experiments in spirit communication I’ve ever conducted. Mike, you must have a very strong link with your grandpa Bill,” you remark. “Thank you. Thank you all.” You wash the mysterious black chalkboards clean and leave them on the table. The chalk is returned to the box and put away.

Believe me; people are shocked by this effect. Under special seance conditions, I have had grown men cry when they hear the writing begin. It is inexplicable and moving.

Other performers who have seen this have commented that it would be all one needed to enter the spook racket. Of course, that’s for you to decide.

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

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