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Practical Thinking by Paul Richards

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Effect: You display a stack of nearly two dozen plastic cards, each with it’s own geometric design printed within it. You also display a laminated sheet and a marker. The designs are mixed and then each one of four spectators is asked to select one of the symbols, the selection is free….no force of any kind is used. The spectator is asked to concentrate on their symbol as you begin drawing on the sheet….the image comes into focus and you are able to draw a perfect replica of the selected symbol!

The effect is repeated with all of the selected symbols and each time you match the chosen symbol with complete and unfailing accuracy!

All may be examined and the effect can be instantly repeated! Comes with everything you need…the geometric plaques, marker, laminated drawing sheet, and full instructions. The drawing sheet is re-usable and you’ll never have to replace it! The effect can be performed close-up or it can play easily in a platform show. There are no sleights necessary and you’ll be able to accomplish the effect within minutes of opening the package!

Don’t take our word. Take theirs:

“PRACTICAL THINKING is great for close up, platform, or stage! Packs flat, plays big, and all at an affordable price!” – Jeff McBride

“A diabolically direct handling makes PRACTICAL THINKING great mentalism for “real world” performers.” – Alain Nu

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2 reviews for Practical Thinking by Paul Richards

  1. Andy Martin

    Simple Method and Mystifying Results!

    Paul Richards is a nice guy and nearly all the magic that he creates is very deceptive and simple to do. Practical Thinking is no different.

    The props and premise are simple: you show 20 different symbol cards that are mixed and you ask 4 different people to freely select a card (no force). For each spectator, without any prompting of any kind, you are able to draw the symbol they chose on a laminated sheet.

    You can do this as many times as you want, and it can be repeated with different results. Nothing is added or taken away, and the props will last a long time. There are no sleights or memory work and short of Paul coming over to your house to perform the effect for you, he has made it as easy as possible to perform this miracle.

    The cards supplied are in laminated pouches and are not laminated themselves – this makes them a bit more bulky than normal laminated cards. However, it doesn’t make the effect any less real, and in some real sense makes the props seem a bit more normal.

    This is a very affordable piece of quality mentalism!

  2. Amazing Corbin

    Okay, but cards awkward to handle

    I’ve owned this for about 5 years now and have performed it a dozen times. The method is great, and it’s an okay bit of mentalism. It can involve up to 4 or 5 spectators.

    I found it a bit time consuming, which is neither a pro or con. It was a good "middle trick" to waste time in the middle of the show. you have to go out to the audience member and get them to pick a card, then go over to another, then another, then another. then return to the stage area and write your predictions down.

    The cards are just paper cardstock put into clear plastic card protectors. This makes the stack of cards awkward to handle and shuffle. you could take them out of the card protectors, but then your just mixing large pieces of paper, which is more difficult to mix. The "whiteboard" is just a laminated piece of cardstock paper as well, but it works. I clipped mine onto a firm board so I could write the predictions down standing up.

    Besides clipping the whiteboard to a firmer board another improvement would be having the images on bicycle cards. I supposed it would be easy enough to buy a blank deck and copy the images to the cards yourself.

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