Pinnacle Slate by John Cornelius

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John Cornelius of San Antonio, Texas was the first to use this principle. Magicians were quick to see the possibilities of John’s discovery and soon many forms of it began to appear without a ‘tip of the hat’ to John. (George Robinson – 6/2/2019)

Effect: The magician removes a small slate from an envelope and has spectator examine the slate. The slate is then placed face down on the table and a card is selected. The “spirits” are called upon, and when the slate is lift-ed, there written on the slate is the name of the selected card.

An alternate effect: The magician writes a prediction on the slate and places it in an envelope, which is then sealed. The spectator is asked to count the change in his pocket. After this is done the spectator opens the envelope and removes the slate. There written upon the slate is the exact amount of change that the spectator had in his pocket.

The above descriptions are just a few of the effects possible with the items supplied.

This is a mentalist’s dream. It is a new idea, and it is a welcome one. A small 4 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ with a dark, carved stained frame is removed from an envelope. Both sides are shown to be completely blank, just black slate faces. Spectator selects a playing card when the slate is again shown the chosen card is clearly named upon the slate in larger bold initials such as A-H, 4-D, Ks or whatever.

This is a new principle – no flaps, no chemicals, no covers, no switches. This remarkable slate can be used for E.S.P. symbols, numbers, etc. Comes to you with slate, full instructions, and gimmicks for many fine effects.

(Ed Mishell – Genii, December, 1976)

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