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Mini Mental by Alan Warner

(c. 1972,1990) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)


Effect: An oblong stand has four small, different coloured wooden blocks resting on it, each sitting in a shallow recess in the stand. The performer removes the blocks from the stand and places them on the table, then requests a spectator to choose one of the blocks. The selected block is then placed at one end of the stand. The spectator is now asked to choose a second block which is then placed on the stand beside the first one – and so on, until all four blocks are back on the stand.

The performer then removes a panel, which covers the front of the stand, to reveal four coloured spots. THE COLOUR OF EACH SPOT MATCHES THE COLOUR OF THE BLOCK STANDING DIRECTLY ABOVE IT. The performer therefore correctly predicted the order in which the spectator would instruct him to replace the blocks on the stand.

  • NO FORCE … There is definitely no force of any kind involved with this effect: the spectator has a completely free choice of each block. Every time the effect is performed the blocks will be in a different order on the stand.
  • AUTOMATIC … The principle used in this effect makes it automatic in working, and the new, improved design and method of handling allow the performer to concentrate all his thoughts on his presentation.
  • TOP QUALITY APPARATUS … the mini stand, which is ideal for holding in the hand, is handcrafted in teak and measures 17.8 cms in length. The blocks are approximately 2.2 cms square and are finished in high gloss lacquers.

This item has received the Magic Wagon treatment recently and they have created a fine version of this beautiful effect with their Elite Premonition.

The apparatus comes complete with The Alan Warner Routine.

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Approx. Price: $189.00 (2001) ***

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3 reviews for Mini Mental by Alan Warner

  1. Andy Martin

    Yes! Alan Warner is the King!

    So you can’t find any cool, clever, convincing magic out there. Checkout Alan Warner and he’ll make you happy.

    I really like this one! Easy to do and yet very, very clean. You can always predict the exact order a spectator choose to put the blocks down. They can place them in any order (no force) and the prediction is always correct!

  2. Todd Dowell

    Expensive but worth it

    This is my first Alan Warner effect and I am very pleased with the excellent construction and super clever principal. Alan’s stuff is not cheap, but it is fun to collect and worth the price.

  3. Steve Payne

    This one looks so innocent, and yet the workings are simply genius and easy to perform. Spectator can choose any position for each colored cube with no force or equivocate involved. Performer’s prediction is correct every time!! This also looks great on display with the colors and teak complimenting each very nicely!!

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