Micro Mental Miracles by Limited Edition Magic

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Two wonderful mental miracles brought together by Joe Long and his Limited Edition Magic releases. This set includes a Lubor Fiedler routine: Tri-Color Coincidence (aka Fiedler’s Master of Chance c.1963) and Cocktail Sword Divination (aka Ken Allen’s The Twist c. 1961).

Effect: Master of Chance (Meister des Zufalls) c. 1963: Performer displays two triangular blocks and a thin wooden cover. When the blocks are stacked, the cover will fit tightly over both concealing them from view. Each of the triangular blocks has a different colored dot on each side. If the blocks are stacked, only one configuration will result with having the color dots match on all three sides. The performer takes one of the triangular blocks and while shielding it from the spectator’s view, places it into the thin cover so it’s concealed inside. The spectator has no idea which color spot is on which side.

The spectator is then told to place the second block on top of the first block in any orientation they wish. When they do so, the performer immediately lifts the wooden cover and shows that the two blocks match colors on all sides! The effect may instantly be repeated.

The Twist c. 1961: is an intriguing pocket effect. A gleaming black piece of plexi-glass is introduced. Pierced through the tablet are four plastic swords in four different colors. Spectator is asked to remove any one, two, three, or all or even none of the swords, while holding the entire apparatus in his own hands, and of course without the magician seeing what he has done.

Spectator may twirl swords in any direction or directions he wishes and replaces them in the same order in which he received them. Yet the magician can immediately tell which, if any, of the swords have been momentarily removed, and the trick can be repeated at once. No confederates! The principle is subtle.

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