Master Key by Terri Rogers, Martin Breese

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This set started and popularized the Long Word principle. Three books with the same content but different covers had text consisting of many short words and a few Long Words, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. A participant was asked to find a word (“but choose a longer, more interesting one”) and all the performer needed was the first letter in order to divine the whole word. Often you can guess at a common internal letter or two, getting them right, then guess at the first letter. If you are wrong, you casually ask to be corrected. When you know that first letter, you can finish the word.

Effect: This is probably the nearest you will get to being able to perform a true miracle of magic. Terri Rogers’ Master Key is the ultimate version of The Key and it now incorporates into one economical and affordable package the world’s two most baffling and effective book tests. Fifty sets already exported to the USA! Now you can buy both of the hottest book tests linked together into one brilliant routine and you are supplied with a package of three specially printed books; two paperbacks and one beautifully-bound hardback. Three beautifully printed quality books in a very limited edition! Now Terri Rogers’ Key has been completely rewritten so that The Key is on all the left hand pages and the other major effect is on all the right hand pages. If you own the original Key you will understand. In fact there are now four brilliant book tests built into one set of books. You choose which effect you want to perform. The Master Key covers it all.

What Actually Happens?

  1. The spectator chooses any book from a pile of three books; two paperbacks and one hardback. You ask the spectator to choose a word from absolutely any page and within minutes you know the exact word that he is thinking of!
  2. A spectator chooses a word from any of the books and you spell it out to him letter by letter.
  3. A spectator has a free choice of any of the three books. A page, a line on the page and a word on that line are selected. You not only reveal the chosen word but call out the entire line!
  4. The spectator chooses two of the books – no forcing involved. You flick through one of the books and stop when the spectator calls out. The spectator is SHOWN the page number that he stopped you at. Note he is actually shown the page number. He turns to the same page in the book he freely chose and you call out the first few words on the first line of that page.

Number One Choice for Pro Performers! The majority of professional entertainers around the world already use Terri Rogers’ Key and now they will be sure to invest in a set of the ultimate version: The Master Key. Talented mind reader Graham Jolley raves about The Master Key. The Key is the book test that one of our top performers used to baffle Prime Minister, John Major. This is the book test that Kreskin features regularly on US TV chat shows. British TV magician John Lenahan almost always uses The Key in his stand up & cabaret act and featured it on the recent TV show, Stuff The White Rabbit.

Terri Rogers’ Master Key is now the greatest book test you can own and perform.

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