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Lucky Dip by Wayne Dobson

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Effect: You display a small bag that has about 15 coins inside it. The spectator dips their hand inside the bag, and removes any coin (let us assume it is an US Quarter). The spectator remembers the coin and replaces it in the bag. The spectator takes the bag and shakes it to mix the coins. You reach into the bag and remove a coin, and it is the same coin as the one the spectator selected. You offer to explain how you did it. The bag is emptied onto the table and every coin is the same, they are all US Quarter coins…… Easy!

You now offer to repeat the effect, only this time the spectator signs the coin. They place all the coins into the bag and the give it a good shake. You then reach into the bag with your quite obviously empty hand and remove one coin. It is the signed coin!

Sounds impossible, but it’s true! It is also 100% self working.

Comes with custom bag and a precision made gimmick (US Quarter). (Please provide approximately fifteen US Quarter (25cent) Coins.)

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Approx. Price: $40.00 (2008) ***

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1 review for Lucky Dip by Wayne Dobson

  1. Dale Shrimpton

    simple and direct mental magic

    Ive had this effect almost as long as it’s been available, and have found it a great sucess.What you recieve, is the nicely made black bag containing part of the secret, and something else, that contains the other part of the secret. and naturally the simple , easy to understand instructions.
    This easy to master,( i dont usualy like that phrase, but here it suits) effect will give you plenty of scope in which to add your own personality to the routine.

    as an added thought, i have come up with a black ball type of routine, that uses 4 or more coins, one of which is marked, and the others not.
    the only downside to this effect, is that you cant really give the spectator the coin back, if you have them mark it at the begining. but thats a minor thing, which is why i gave this excelent effect 4 stars instead of 5…


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