Jumbo Supersonic by Hank Lee, Dr. Jaks

(c. 1948,1981) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Dr. Stanley Jaks invented the Supersonic Card Prediction c. 1948 and it was a big hit worldwide. U.F. Grant used it as his inspiration for Slate of Mind. Many versions of this effect have been produced in both mini, regular and jumbo cards. This is one of the poorer versions as the stand was just not made very well.

Effect: The effect is powerful and it just about works itself! Six JUMBO cards are displayed on a wooden stand — the backs are toward the audience. Write a prediction on a slip of paper and hand it to a spectator to hold. A second spectator selects ANY ONE of the six cards. The choice is absolutely fair
and totally free. The selected card is removed and the stand rotated to show the faces of the five remaining cards (all of which are different). The selected card is now replaced in the stand and the prediction read. When the card is revealed IT MATCHES THE PREDICTION EXACTLY!!

Only six cards are used — there is no switching or sleight of hand. The cards supplied are custom printed Bicycle Jumbo Cards, and they are GREAT!

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