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It’s A Match 2.0 by Andy Leviss

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Effect: You display a glass bowl filled with over two dozen matchbooks from hotels around the country. You also show a hotel key card which is placed face down on the table. The key stays in full view the entire time. The spectator randomly removes matchbooks from the glass bowl, one at a time, and stops on any one they choose. They turn the key over and both are a PERFECT MATCH!

This is so diabolically clever; we wish we could tell you how it’s done!

  • The spectator FREELY chooses ANY matchbook.
  • There are NO switches or funny moves!
  • Perfect for close up or even platform!
  • This updated version (It’s a Match 2.0!) now includes 25% more custom printed matchbooks (with a different hotel from the original release),
  • a custom manufactured hotel key,
  • and detailed DVD instructions which include bonus ideas and tips.

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Approx. Price: $24.95 (2008) ***

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