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Isolated Incident by Dexter

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Effect: Rarely does a high quality versatile prop like this come along! Mentalist Dexter presents Isolated Incident-3 1 effects in one: Burnt Bill, Headline Prediction, and It”” Signed- & Torn Card Restore-all of them performed with a locked, transparent acrylic box handed out to ah audience member before the show-where it remains in full view! Borrow-a .bill and have- spectator sigh.. it. Place” the bill in an envelope and set it on fire!

Ask spectator to-pull the bill out of the ashes. Oops!!Now the box is brought on stage, unlocked and opened by spectator. Inside, a metal clip holds a bill, which is removed and shown, to be the spectators signed, borrowed bill! (Works perfectly with Torn & Restored Card routine, too!)

Isolated Incident is also a show-stopping Headline Prediction prop! Prior to performance, present the box to a local authority (mayor, TV anchor, etc.). Have them bring the box to Opening Night. When it is opened, it will reveal your 100% accurate prediction of the day’s headlines, winning Lottery numbers, sports scores, election results, you-name it! Talk about a reputation-maker! Easy to do! Works close-up or on stage. Comes with everything you need.

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1 review for Isolated Incident by Dexter

  1. Andy Martin

    A Great Utility for the Mentalist!

    This is a very convicing and useful mentalism utility box that allows you to peform one of three routines: Burnt Bill, Headline Prediction, and Signed and Torn and Restored card. The box is made of acrylic and is well made.

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