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Heart of Gold by Mikame Craft, Eric Lewis

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This is Mikame’s version of Eric Lewis’ wonderful Savoy from Eric’s book A Continuation of Miracles, built by his son Martin Lewis at Magikraft Studios in 1993. Mikame’s version is not as high quality or elegant as Martin’s one.  However, it works very well and is still one of the best switches you can perform right in front of their noses!

This item is also one of the rare items built by Mikame Craft that was actually credited to the inventors in the instructions which is always pleasing to see.

Effect: A Switching Mechanism Beyond Your Imagination! Magician borrows a coin from audience and you have them sign it. The coin jumps to a heart shaped locket on a chain hanging down which is always in plain sight of audience’s eyes and is never touched by the magician.

It is an impossible effect to behold!

Effect 2:
Have spectator sign a coin and place it into the locket. While the spectator is holding a locket with a chain, magician takes out a locked box. Have audience shake the chain on the box.

When the box is opened by spectator, the signed coin appears from the locked box!! Magician NEVER touches the coin and there are no funny moves!!  (This requires the extra treasure chest or any type of Lippincott Box, which is not included.)

Effect 3:
In FULL view is a heart shaped locket on a chain hanging down. In the locket is a written prediction.
Ask three random audience members to call out a single digit number, giving you a three digit number.
Write this 3 digit number down in the note pad, have another audience member hold the pad.

You lift the chain on the locket NEVER touching the locket itself. Have ANY audience member open the locket and read your prediction inside, which MATCHES the random number called out!

Another real mind bender has occurred!

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $239.00 (2018) ***

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