George’s Easel by Mak Magic, George Kirkendall

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A very difficult to find MAK Magic release created by the late George Kirkendall (famous for his reels and precision coin gimmicks). This is his brilliant approach to the classic drawing duplication effect. The method is bold and extremely deceptive.

Effect: A wooden easel holds a pad of white paper. A spectator draws any image word, number, symbol,etc on the paper while the performer stands well away from the easel. He takes a separate pad and duplicates what is written. Simple as that. And…there are no impression devices or electronics of any kind! No need to worry about changing batteries,and even the pads of paper are completely ordinary (and easily replaced at an office store).

The original instructions included detail three other routines, one involving borrowed currency which is a very strong stand alone effect.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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