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Geneva Prediction Watch by Collectors’ Workshop

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Effect: A man’s pocket watch is handed to a spectator. It is a working, running watch. The spectator pulls out the stem to examine how the hands are operated. The performer takes the spectator’s wristwatch. The spectator closes the case on the pocket watch and sets the time. At the same moment, the performer sets the time on the spectator’s watch. The times match. You may repeat the effect immediately and indefinitely. That is the standard, well-known effect. Variations are, of course, limitless. Now, consider the extraordinary innovations, none of which was true with the original Stull Watch:

  • The Geneva Prediction Watch is a fully functioning, accurate, quality timepiece.
  • There are no settings or formulae to account for. The range of predicted times is infinite.
  • The watch is purely mechanical; there are no electronics or external devices. It need never be handled by the performer. There are no sleights, peeks or accomplices.

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Approx. Price: $425.00 (2001) ***

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2 reviews for Geneva Prediction Watch by Collectors’ Workshop

  1. George Guerra

    Ok prop but presentation is key

    I bought this watch many years ago and returned it. The watch itself is no match for a real antique pocket watch and the method used to accomplish the effect proved, in my opinion, rather disappointing. I guess I expected some fancy mechanical marvel. I suggest you save your money and invest in a Richard Gerlitz Prediction Watch, but if this is out of your price range, the Geneva watch is better than nothing. With a strong presentation, it should be entertaining.

  2. Sean Waters

    Beautiful in appearance and in effect!!!!!

    This is truly a gem. This is a masterpiece in my opinion, and I owned an original Stull Watch Outdone. It is elegant and classic in it’s appearance, and perfect in it’s working. The method has a zen-like simplicity that you will treasure. Subtle and brilliant. This is a must have tool. There are many time prediction methods, but none so artistic.

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