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Future Traffic by Ton Onosaka, Jean Garance

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Effect: Another Brilliant Creation By Ton Onosaka & Jean Garance. A simple frame is shown, containing three square plaques-each a different color (Red, Yellow, Green).

The performer removes the plaques, mixes them and returns them to the frame in a new arrangement. He keeps the backs toward the audience, so the order is kept secret! Three large plastic clips are shown-also Red, Yellow, Green.

Members of the audience are asked to decide where the clips should be placed along the edge of the frame. Their choices are FREE and uninfluenced, the arrangement of the clips is completely fair. Never the less and amazingly, when the frame is turned around it is seen that the positions of the clips and the plaques match up exactly with the performers previous selection.

You’ll be delighted by the clever gimmicks that are used to accomplish this effect. The attractive props are easy to see and is perfect for all types of audiences, plus close-up or stage. Also used by many school show performers. Easy to do. The method has its roots from thoughts by Peter Warlock, Hen Fetsch and Tony Corinda. Three great performers of original effects

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