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Frozen in Time by Masuda

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This original version of Frozen in Time was created by the Japanese Close-up performer and inventor Katsuya Masuda in 1990. Along with many other clever effects Masuda has been at the forefront of innovative magic for over 30 years.

Effect: A magician shows a picture of a pocket watch which is sealed inside a lucite block. The lucite block is kept in a transparent plastic cover. A black spot on the plastic cover hides the watch face so that no can see when the watch was photographed. The magician asks a spectator to name any hour. (This is not the magician’s choice or a force.) Then the lucite block is removed from the cover revealing that the watch displays the same hour as the spectator’s choice.

Frozen in Time allows you to predict a randomly selected time with nothing more complicated than a photograph. No electronics, no complicated gimmicks. Comes complete with picture in lucite block, transparent cover and instruction sheet.

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1 review for Frozen in Time by Masuda

  1. Scott Snider

    Great Closeup from Masuda

    I bought this trick when Mr. Masuda showed it at a convention a few years back and it is one of my favorite closeup tricks to use. You tell the story about a postcard and watch having been photographed some time ago. The spectator gets to announce a time he thinks the watch had on it when the photog took the picture. The magician then reveals the picture after correctly guessing the spectator’s time and shows that there was no way it could have been set to any other hour due to the picture being sealed inside a plexiglass block. This can be handed out for brief examination to reveal that the watch and photo was frozen in time. Great trick. Ingenious method and highly recommended. You will use this a lot for close up magic.

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