Four Colour Chance by Supreme Magic Company, Ken de Courcy

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Routine by Ken de Courcy

Effect: As Ken presents this, his glamorous assistant stands with one leg up on a chair or stool; on her leg are rested four colorful boxes … one red, one yellow, one green and one blue. Three men assist the performer, each chooses a numbered disc, the backs of the discs are colored. Each spectator goes to the assistant, hands over his disc and receives the box of the matching color, leaving one box which matches the disc which has been left for the magician.

Spectators open their boxes and inside find messages such as

  • “This is not your lucky night”,
  • “Find your own girl friend”;
  • or “It wouldn’t be safe in your state of health”.

Along with each message there can be a cigar as a consolation prize. Magician opens his box which contains a key … THE KEY TO HIS ASSISTANT’S BEDROOM !!

Other ideas are given. You can produce a doll from the box dressed the same as the assistant. or the trick is marvelous as a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ TRICK. – bars of candy go to three of the participating children but the Birthday Child receives a more expensive gift and a small card wishing them a Happy Birthday!

ANOTHER COMEDY PRESENTATION – is that the box you are left with contains a BOOBY PRIZE a spring snake a something similar. For adults you can have a WAD OF NOTES inside the box, (stage -money faced-up with a couple of genuine notes). At the commencement, you state that one of the boxes contains £250 ($500) In cash , The trick becomes much more appealing than the old ‘Just Chance ‘ routine involving a single banknote.

EASY TO WORK UNDER ANY CONDITIONS ! ENTIRELY SELF-CONTAINED ! We supply the discs, which are produced on very heavy card, silk-screened and varnished, together with the four colored boxes and the routines. An excellent effect which we know you will enjoy using in your shows.

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