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Dr. Q Spirit Hand by Owen Magic Supreme

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I’ve always loved the Spirit Hand effect and although I’ve tried a few the best one is the Thayer Quality Magic one (which of course became Owen Magic Supreme).  The key to this effect is that it has to look authentic.  The props, the mechanism and the movement.  This version is almost as good as the original Thayer and works the same way, but it just looks newer .  Otherwise it looks perfect and works perfectly with no possibility of detection.  The board is clean and nothing is added or taken away, and yet the hand raps on the board on demand.

If you ever wanted to perform some sort of seance or communicate with the other side, this is the tool to use. Highly Recommended!

Effect: A beautifully carved, wooden hand, while resting upon a plain wooden board, raps answers to questions. It is the only rapping hand effect in the world to be worked without the use of threads, wires, magnets, electrical or balancing devices of any sort, and yet it is so simple and reliable that a child can operate it. Worked in the midst of the audience it will answer any desired amount of questions, yet at any time the hand may be removed from the board either by yourself or a spectator. Upon being replaced the raps will continue as before.

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Approx. Price: $650.00 (2002) ***

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1 review for Dr. Q Spirit Hand by Owen Magic Supreme

  1. Andy Martin

    Lovely and Scary!

    Well I tried this out on my kids tonight, and it really got them going.

    Easy to do, beautifully made, and clever. That’s what we want and this delivers. I’m looking forward to getting my Psychic Evening together since this will certainly play a role.

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