Design Perception Deluxe by Bob Solari Magic

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A very rare piece of mentalism from the New Jersey Devil Bob Solari. Bob mostly works with cards but this non-card mentalism effect is a beauty that even Bob has forgotten what the effect is. 

Effect: Five black vinyl wallets with the five ESP symbols printed on each wallet. Spectator is asked to merely think of one of the symbols. Spectator is handed a small stack of blank business cards, a marker and a roll of tape. Performer now turns his back towards the spectator. Spectator is instructed to draw the symbol they are thinking of and to place it in the corresponding wallet. Each wallet is now sealed with a piece of tape. Performer turns around and can immediately tell which symbol was drawn. Wallets are not marked.

Very limited supply. Complete with wallets, blank cards and a roll of tape.  This was the deluxe version with wooden stand and holder.

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Approx. Price: $60.00 (2001) ***

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