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Dear Boss by Arlen Studio

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This is not a new idea and there are other effects such as: The Marquees Letter, The Vampire Letters, In Lizzies Hand, Charlie Manson Touched Me, and The Vampire Diary. However, the quality and authenticity is hard to beat with Dear Boss version.  It is as close as you will get to the real thing.

Effect: After an evening of magic and illusions, the performer produces a letter that he/she states they have purchased off of some on-line auction site or from a private collector, etc. (the original is in the archives of Scotland Yard). The performer goes on to tell that they do not believe the letter to be genuine but when they went to contact the seller, they were not to be found. He/she now uses it as a conversation piece and usually brings out the controversial letter to set the mood for the next few illusions.

The performer hands out the letter for inspection, asking that the handlers be careful with it, as it is very old. Once examined, the performer places the letter in the center of the table for all to see. He/she states, Let’s have some fun. I want to see if we can get the spirit of Jack the Ripper to come into the room. Perhaps he will finally divulge who he really was.

Let’s start by reading the letter. At that point, the performer starts to read the letter. Once the letter starts to be read, the performer is using a normal voice and pacing. As he/she gets to the middle of the body of the text, the performer starts to act strangely (right about where it says;The next job I do, I shall clip the ladies ears off) At that point he/she starts to stumble over the text and becomes demented. As he/she continues, the voice seems to adopt an English cockney accent. At this point, the performer is Jack. As he/she gets to the end of the letter, the performer holds their hand up high for all to see. The hand is completely clean and shows no sign of any discoloration.

As the performer reads the end (P.S. They say I am a doctor now. Ha ha. Wasn’t good enough to post this till I got all the blood off my hands). Boom, right there, the performer slaps his hand down on top of the letter. The performer then turns over his/her hand to reveal that a bloody hand-print has been left on the letter. The combination of the loud slap on the letter and the visualization of the bloody hand-print gets them everytime.

Don’t be surprised if people run from the room and those in the group never talk to you again. The letter may-be autographed by the performer and left with the evening’s host as a souvenir, if it can be found!

A little history … During the Autumn of Terror in 1888, hundreds of letters were sent to the police and local press, purporting to be written by the Whitechapel fiend. Most of them were deemed to be fakes written by either newspaper men trying to start a story or fools trying to incite more terror. Many Ripperologists believe them all to be hoaxes. Other experts believe some (specifically the Dear Boss letter) to be genuine.

The Dear Boss letter was received on September 27th, 1888 at the Central News Agency, this letter was originally believed to be just another hoax. Three days later, the double murder of Stride and Eddowes made them reconsider, especially once they learned a portion of the latter’s earlobe was found cut off from the body, eerily reminiscent of a promise made within the letter. The police deemed the Dear Boss letter important enough to reproduce in newspapers and postbills of the time, hoping someone would recognize the handwriting.

A postcard received at the Central News Agency on October 1st, making direct reference to both the murders and the Dear Boss letter, is believed to have been written by the same hand. Whether or not the letter is a hoax, it is the first written reference which uses the name Jack the Ripper in reference to the Whitechapel murderer.

The letters you are given to perform this illusion, are exactly as written by the Whitechaple fiend. Careful attention to detail and historical accuracy was given when putting this presentation together. Only slight modifications were made to the text so as to make the effect more easily performed. You are actually reading the words as written by Jack the Ripper himself over one hundred years ago!

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1 review for Dear Boss by Arlen Studio

  1. Andy Martin

    Great presentation, just a tad messy!

    This is a very nicely produced outfit from those nice people at Arlen Studios. The letter looks very authentic and the striking conculsion where you see a bloody hand print appear on the letter is very effective. At the appropriate venue I think this could really freak some people out!

    However, like all tricks of this nature it is a bit messy, so won’t be on my top ten players, since I don’t like getting my hands dirty!

    Keep the quality and innovation coming Keith.

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