Conversations with Mind Readers by Ben Cummings

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Effect: Be honest. Aren’t you sick of having people say “Gee that was neat.” Wouldn’t you like to do mentalism with such power, that you leave people speechless? Making people think they just saw the real deal?

I’m not talking about “pick a card” tricks you learned when you were a kid. I’m talking about magic that is so personal… so intimate… that it really moves people. Magic that shakes them to their core. The kind of magic that is unforgettable and stays with you your whole life.

I’m talking about reading someones mind. After all, what could be more personal then telling someone the name of their childhood best friend, or guessing their 4 digit PIN number, or telling them the day and time they were born, when you’ve met them only seconds ago?

If you want to learn to read minds and make others believe you’re psychic, and if you want to do explosive mentalism that hits people in the gut, then The Conversations With Mind Readers Project; might be the best program you’ll ever own.

My name is Ben Cummings and I recently undertook an ambitious project. Nothing like it has ever been achieved in the history of magic or mentalism. I interviewed 22 of the top mind readers on the planet. People who sold out Broadway with their mind numbing miracles. People who cause secret thoughts to appear burnt into their arms. People who make borrowed keys bend,  spoons melt and tables float by concentrating their minds who predict the outcome of today & headlines months in advance. I’m talking about people who earn their living by making others freak out. Wouldn’t you like to get to know these people and gain access to their secrets?

The problem is, the world of mind reading is heavily guarded. Its nearly impossible to learn. I had to make many promises to safe guard that these powerful secrets would not get into the wrong hands. But inside Conversations With Mind Readers a very private world is opened up to you for the first time. The best in the world tip their secrets on the fine art of stealing thoughts. Things only a small number of people even know about or do.

What they shared in these interviews was incredible. Imagine learning how to instantly guess someones zodiac sign. That’s what Ted Karmilovich will reveal. Imagine guessing someones three digit number they’re thinking about. That’s what Richard Busch demonstrates. Imagine learning how one of the busiest mind readers on the plant routines his show and structures effects in such a way that people really believe they’re seeing someone psychic. That’s what Marc Salem, Craig Karges, Christopher Carter,and others revealed for the first time.

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