Chain-Gang by Ray Piatt

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Effect: Show a stack of 13 dual-colored chips. Each one is about an inch and a half in diameter, with a small hole near one edge (so that you can keep them all on a little chain). Also show a similar chip that is white on both sides. Using a marker, make a prediction on each side of the white chip, place the chip in an envelope and hand it to a spectator.

Now, take the dual-colored chips off of the chain and spread them on the table. Ask another spectator to mix the chips around. She can even flip them over while she is mixing. It is totally fair and free of guile. Now, ask her to take one of the chips and place it by itself on the table. Then, she is to look for a chip having the same color on either side as the chip she already set aside. She places this chip on top of the one on the table. This continues until there are no chips left.

Once she is finished, ask her to look at the color that is showing at each end of her stack. Let’s say one end is orange and one end is blue. Ask the first spectator to open the envelope and remove your prediction chip. Of course it matches exactly! It is an amazing effect. And, it is very easy to do. And, you can repeat it as often as you like! Comes complete with chips, chain, pen and full instructions.

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