The Bogey by Ray Piatt, Larry Becker

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Effect: The finest magnetic, Pocket Secretary switching device ever created! This wonderful device was created by New Jersey Inventor and Craftsman Ray Piatt and routined by Mentalist of the Year (1981) and prolific inventor Larry Becker.

Imagine being able to predict the sum total of three, 3-digit numbers merely thought of by three members of the audience. How about having five spectators think of 3-digit numbers. Then have three more spectators freely choose three of those numbers and then freely rearrange their 3-digit number … and STILL be able to accurately predict IN ADVANCE what the final sum total will be. Imagine being able to duplicate an object that a volunteer is drawing while you stand back-to-back. Or be able to reveal one word out of 30,000 randomly selected by a spectator from an 800 page dictionary.

You can easily accomplish all of the above and more … using the revolutionary and ingenious Bogey. There has never been a pocket secretary that works like the Bogey.  A magnetic switching device that can be repeatedly opened and closed and handled freely by the audience, until you want to invisibly (or visibly) change whatever the spectators have written to whatever you want the result to be.

The Bogey is beautifully crafted of the finest leather, delicately padded to provide a luxurious, expensive feel. And just as important, it’s only 5/16” thin and sized not only to fit in your inside jacket pocket, but even in your shirt pocket. You wouldn’t expect anything less from Ray Piatt and Larry Becker. The Bogey comes complete with a 40 minute instructional video by Larry Becker (NTSC VHS format only), and a marking pen that enables you to wipe the writing surface clean with a damp Kleenex.

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