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Cesaral Bluetooth Invisible Key by Cesaral

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Effect: 1:
The magician opens the notepad application on his iPhone (or any other application in which you can type text). He tells the audience that he will make a prediction of a playing card on the notepad in his phone. The iPhone is then placed face down in the hand of an audience member. (The magician does not touch the iphone again). Any card is freely named by the audience member that is holding the phone, and immediately after naming the card, he is requested to turn the phone face up. His named card matches the card in the phone’s display.

The magician says that he will repeat it again. He types the name of another card in the phone and it is again placed faced down in the audience member’s hand. Now the audience member will pick any card from a poker deck. When this card is revealed, the phone is turned over and everybody will see that the prediction matches the selected card.

For the first part of the effect you may predict one or several cards. Imagine…

For the second part of this effect you can use products from Cesaral Magic such as Cesaral Open Perceptions, or Cesaral iPhone Perceptions. In this case the name of a face down selected card can be secretly obtained by the magician and then sent to the Iphone’s notepad with the marker. Now the selected card can be revealed by the spectator after the prediction is shown; making the effect even stronger.

Effect 2: The magician opens the notepad on his mobile phone (or any other application in which you can type text). He asks an audience member to think about one or several of the mayor arcane Tarot cards, and he will attempt to read the audience members thoughts. The magician types his Tarot card prediction in the phone and places it face down in the audience member’s hand. The audience member reveals his thoughts (one or several of the Tarot cards). When he turns the phone over, the display matches the names of the thought of cards.

This same effect can be done with the ESP cards.

Effect 3: The magician says that he will type a telephone number in his phone. He then places the phone face down in an audience member’s hand. The magician asks the audience member to name his or someone else’s phone number. When the audience member turns over the phone, both numbers match.

Some people know that the mobile phone or electronic device may have voice recognition software that could be used in the effect. So, you could say that for the last numbers the spectator can write them down on a piece of paper or make a gesture with their fingers to show the numbers…

As you can see, there is no limit of the number of uses for this new magic weapon.

Effect 4: There are many effects on the market that can be automated with this marker, and produce very magical results. For example there is one that I personally like created by Haim Goldenberg which is named “Blow the candle”. This is a great trick for kids.

The effect is simple: from a PC you start this application and project it on a wall. The magician tells the kid to think of one of the candles and then take a straw and blow at the flame. As he does this the flame on the chosen candle goes out. Finally you tell him to waive the straw like a magic wand at the candle. After doing so, the flame reappears. You can repeat the effect as many times as you want.

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