Bending Fork by Yuval Keren

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Effect: In the realm of metal-bending effects, this is the top. The ultimate. If you want them to believe you truly possess psychic powers, Bending Fork is the one for you. Hand a spectator a fork to hold at her fingertips. At your command, the fork starts to bend! It actually bends right in the spectator’s hand. You never touch it! The fork bends over slowly until it is almost bent in half. It looks like real magic! They will not believe their eyes! As an option, hand the bent fork to the spectator. It will begin to slowly straighten right at their fingertips, until it returns to its normal state. You can also hold the fork in your hands. With no movement of any kind, the fork will bend. Or put it on the table and watch it bend. A powerful effect. Unlike any other. People will think you have the “power.”

No chemicals. No threads. No sleights. A little preparation and you are ready to go. Easy to do. Perform it close-up and completely surrounded. You everything you need to perform this miracle: all accessories, two special forks and full instructions.

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