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Astor Epic by Astor

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I’ve always loved the Mental Epic effect created by Hen Fetcsh c. 1954.

Effect: Astor Epic (No force Mental Epic) actually is the newest improved version of the Mental Epic. Similarly to all Mental Epics you can predict 3 different things 100%. The difference between this versoin is that there is no need to force in any way. Similar to Joe Lefler’s amazing Supreme Slate of Mind, but even simpler to do. But this is less durable than Joe’s version – and quite a lot lighter. It is hard to pick overall the better version – both will get the no force job done for sure.

Dimensions Approximately 12 3/8″ x 17 7/8″ (31.43cm x 45.40cm)

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Approx. Price: $295.00 (2008) ***

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1 review for Astor Epic by Astor

  1. Andy Martin

    Yes An Even Better Mental Epic

    So Astor made his name, as far as I’m concerned, by creating the perfect Perfect Match effect. Now he has done the same with Mental Epic. There are a number of No Force Mental Epics around, but this one works differently and is cleaner than any of them.

    You really need to see this to appreciate how much better it is than any other Mental Epic. The manufacture in heavy plastic is also very durable. This is one you will use!

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