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Viper Pro by Terry Lunceford

(c. 1995) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This is Terry’s most famous effect and it received rave reviews when he debuted it at The Magic Castle and at the San Diego Zoo.  Apart from Nick Wenger’s beautiful Shake ‘n’ Snake, this effect provides some of the most fun from a snake in basket effect, and although Collectors’ Workshops’ Khyber Kobra is mechanically superior, from a concentrated excitement and laughter impact I think I’d stick with either Terry’s or Nick’s effect.

Effect: A volunteer is asked if he (or she) would like to learn a magic trick. He is given a regular deck of cards which he takes into the audience, asking a second volunteer to choose a card. The second spectator is instructed to tear off and keep a corner of the card for identification purposes and return the torn card to the deck. The first volunteer returns with the cards, which are placed on a table next to a basket. The volunteer is instructed on how to coax the assistant, a snake, to reveal the chosen card. Your hand never goes in the basket! At the end of the routine the snake jumps from the basket, producing the chosen card on the end of its snout. The surprise is total! This routine NEVER fails to leave the audience rolling in the aisles with laughter!

Includes wicker snake basket, spring snake, remote, device, carry bag and instructional DVD.

Basket Dimensions Approximately: 8.5″ x 12″
Spring Snake Length Approximately: 44″

(Notice – this is not the standard basket that comes with the Viper Pro, I had a spare Kyhber Cobra one and this comes from that.)

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Approx. Price: $400.00 (2000) ***

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2 reviews for Viper Pro by Terry Lunceford

  1. Andy Martin

    This is a riot!

    I love this effect and routine. Plays really well, the audience has a riot and so does the magician! Check out the video to see how much fun it is! The other great snake in basket effect is of course: Khyber Chicken.

  2. David A Seebach

    Really Terrific

    If you can create a clever presentation, this is a very well thought out prop that —with one exception— works exceedingly well.
    The clever arrangement that allows a non-forced —but signed— card to wind up in the serpent’s mouth is genius. However, the concept hasn’t been engineered to the degree of being foolproof. The very smart inventor devised a method for the signed card to appear along with the serpent, but the thread that facilitates this tangled with the coiled spring of the snake. My personal routine, using children and alphabet cards, doesn’t require the actual selected card to be in the snake’s mouth so I just removed the thread.
    The supplied basket is fine, but I found a more exotic one. The self-contained mechanism can be placed into anything.
    The SUDDEN appearance of the snake is a high point for audience reaction.
    This is a great prop.

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