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Super Neck Cracker by Tom Burgoon

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Effect: This wonderful novelty item used by Tom in his show for many years will allow you to audibly break your neck, your arm, or any bone within your reach. The breaking Bones for Fun and Profit Book will show you Tom’s personal handling for this shocking and very funny comedy gag item.

Completely Safe!

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Approx. Price: $10.00 (2005) ***

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1 review for Super Neck Cracker by Tom Burgoon

  1. Greg Quist

    GREAT effect…. but…

    I love the way it works, but….

    Why in the world is not the whole gimmick flesh colored?????!!!! Bright colors for a gimmick that needs to be palmed?? Where is the logic?

    It would get 5 stars if it was flesh colored! Works great and easy to "ditch" right after use.

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