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One for the Road (Lota Hip Flask) by Sam Dalal

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A novel version of the classic Lota effect with roots to Bengali magicians in the early 17th century with many more presentation possibilities for the modern performer.

The apparatus supplied exactly resembles a silver hip flask. (It is actually made from heavy gauge brass, chromium plated in a gleaming silver finish).

Effect: At the end of a trick, the performer opens the flask, and tips out the entire contents, – there is exactly one last peg in the flask. He tips this down, placing the flask aside. After the next trick, he reaches for the flask, and again pours out one last peg. This is repeated after every trick, up to a dozen times, and as a running gag, it gets funnier and more mystifying with each repeat.

A special feature of the construction allows the same quantity of liquid to pour out every time, (like a peg pourer).

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1 review for One for the Road (Lota Hip Flask) by Sam Dalal

  1. Anonymous

    Cap is worthless

    The workmanship is somewhat crude but that’s fine for my reenactment needs. The gimmick does work.

    The cap is worthless. It doesn’t screw on and doesn’t fit snugly. Don’t consider wearing it in your pocket. If you need to do that, throw away the top and buy a cork that fits.

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