Explosive Card Rise by Robert Vinson, T.S. McKee, Viking Mfg.

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Effect: You have never seen a rising card effect like this. Never! A beautifully crafted wooden houlette is shown. The houlette is crafted from polished hardwood with gold, black and copper trim. First class all the way. A card is selected from a shuffled deck. The card is shuffled back in the deck, the deck is placed in the houlette. So far, nothing special.

You command the card to rise from the deck. Nothing happens. You say the magic words and command the card to rise. Still nothing. You wave your magic wand and say the magic words and do a little magic dance. Still nothing. Bummer.

In complete frustration, you bring out an explosive plunger box. You know, the same kind they use in Roadrunner cartoons. Hook the wires up from the plunger box to the base of the houlette stand. Push the plunger and, BLAM!

A flash and a puff of smoke and the houlette is blown to pieces, leaving but one card standing. Of course, it is the signed, selected card! An incredible routine! It has everything! Easy to perform. Beautifully made, in the Viking tradition.

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