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Delben Domino by Delben

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Ben Stone created this and it was has a great twist on the Tenyo’s What’s Next theme. During his lifetime Ben made about 500 of these.

Effect: Every time you turn it around it has different spots on each side. You repeat this and the spectators are given the standard false explanation and then you hit them with the impossible at the end of the standard routine by actually vanishing one of the spots which leaves a 2″ diameter hole in the Delben Domino.

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2 reviews for Delben Domino by Delben

  1. Andy Martin

    What’s Next Done Right – We miss you Ben!

    This is one of the great effects created by the sadly departed Ben Stone. He was a great guy and a great inventor. This is one of his more novel effects with a surprise ending where there is actually a hole in the domino.

    Great stuff. Its sad he’s not around to chat any more.

  2. John (Jack) Stone

    Ben Stone’s thoughts on the domino

    When Ben found some new materials he would study them and try to think of how he could use them in magic apparatus. he got a sample of the magnetic sheets (very large, about 4′ x 6′) as I recall, from I think John Cornelius. He played with it in all sorts of ways and came up with the idea of the Domino, with the very unique twist ending. Ben made about 500 of these. Danny Gurganus at Danny’s Kix and Trix owns the rights now to make them, but has not had time to do so in several years.

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