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Big Red by Joe Riding

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This was based on the set I purchased from Joe Riding back in the 1970’s, but I had a friend draw the little boy. I used to do this quite a lot, but I don’t think you could get away with it today unless you know your audience very well.

Effect: A three card trick that is not. A delightful little story and a rather saucy and completely unexpected ending. Great for the bar and believe me will have the ladies howling. A neat and very funny novelty if you like to entertain and get laughs.

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1 review for Big Red by Joe Riding

  1. Andy Martin

    Naughty but Nice!

    This is the old 3 card monte with a surprise ending and patter about the little Dutch boy who plugged up the Dam to save his village. Not suitable for all audiences, but great for table hopping with known friendly audiences!

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