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Bafflin’ Boomerangs by Viking Mfg., Haenchen

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A great mechanical effect originally developed by P&L and called Stretch-It Boom-E-Rang c. 1934.

The Viking version is similar to the P&L version. Everything may be examined at the end. Instant reset for walk-around performing. Expertly made in lacquered wood.

Effect: Two wooden boomerangs of equal length are displayed, one red the other yellow. The performer states that he can make one longer than the other and proceeds to do just that.

First the red one is shown to be about 2″ longer than the yellow. Then the performer casts his spell and now the yellow one is longer than the red one.

Finally the crowd gets wise and figures out that it’s an optical illusion…but the performer wins out in the end, BECAUSE he actually causes the yellow stick to really become longer than the red one!

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Approx. Price: $35.00 (2005) ***

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