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Zippo by Collectors’ Workshop

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Effect: A cigarette lighter effect! We tried to think of a great name – “Aippo, Bippo, Cippo, Dippo, Eippo, Fippo…” Nothing seemed to click. And just when we were about to run out of options, it struck us like a bolt of lightning … Zippo!

Performer borrows a ring, wraps it in some tissue paper to “clean it”, then shows the spectator a really thorough way to do the job. Performer hands spectator his cigarette lighter: “It’s a test of faith,” he says. “Light the paper, the paper will vanish in a flash and your ring will be more brilliant, more beautiful than you’ve ever remembered. Trust me.”

Spectator lights paper, it vanishes in a flash, leaving … nothing. “O.K. – well at least I got the paper part right…”

And then, after the obligatory hemming and hawing, performer pulls lighter apart: INSIDE THE SOLID STEEL LIGHTER IS THE BORROWED RING.

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Approx. Price: $35.00 (2000) ***

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