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Wooden Chop Bowl (Benson Bowl) by Viking Mfg.

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The Benson Bowl was created by Roy Benson (The Phoenix, No. 156 – July 30, 1948, pp. 627-629) and popularized by Don Alan. You can see sources for many Benson Bowl routines on Denis Behr’s wonderful Conjuring Archive.

Effect: This Viking version is a beautifully turned wood bowl made from exotic tropical woods, the perfect size for those intimate close-up sessions. The performer shows the empty bowl, then sets it mouth down on the table. Next, he displays a small ball, which vanishes from his hand only to reappear under the bowl. The ball is left under the bowl and a second ball is vanished. This in turn finds it’s way to the bowl as well. This is repeated with two more balls, all finally resting under the bowl. The balls are removed and upon lifting the bowl a different ball is seen; a small knit ball.

This ball is also vanished yet it magically appears under the bowl. The bowl is now tipped, allowing the ball to roll into the performers hand. The bowl is returned to the table and the visible ball made to vanish. A spectator is allowed to lift the bowl and there rests the vanished ball!

As if this wasn’t enough, the ball is placed in the performer’s pocket, yet when the spectator lifts the bowl … you guessed it, the ball magically reappears! The bowl is immediately lifted to now reveal a donut complete with icing!

You receive the hand-turned exotic wooden bowl; 4-sponge balls, 2-knit balls and a special foam donut hand-made by Viking for the final load. Bowl is designed to work ala a ‘chop cup’ and includes the special ball for this feature.

Instructions and routine written by Jon Racherbaumer, complete with photos.

Text Source: geniimagazine.com – click for details

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