Wonder Dominoes by Unknown

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These are basically the same as Bob Swadling’s Dubious Dominoes with a different routine.  They come from Germany c. 1997 but I am not sure of the manufacturer.

Effect: The magician shows a red and a white domino and a red and a blank card.

He turns the dominoes with spots down, then changes the two cards. He turns the dominoes with the spots up and funnily enough, they have also changed places like the cards. The dominoes are again turned with spots down and changed. A snap and the red domino is beside the red card and the white domino is also beside the white card.

Then the red domino is turned and the white domino is placed into the pocket of the magician. “I’ve put the white domino into the pocket, now which do you think is on the table?… No, of course it cannot be the red domino, the red one is in my pocket!” The magician turns the domino with the spots up and it is incredible yet it is the white one and the magician takes the red one out of his pocket.

He then takes the white domino with the spots up in the left hand and puts the red one with the spots down on it. The magician clenches the left fist and takes the red one out with the right hand and puts it into the pocket. “I’ve put the red domino into the pocket, then I must have the white one in my hand, mustn’t I? But it cannot be true, I’ve got the red domino in the hand because the white one is in my pocket.” With these words he takes the white domino out of the pocket.

Finally, the audience can examine the cards and the dominoes. The trick is perfectly automatic and needs no manual skill.

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