Wonder Dice (Wonder Die) by Vienna Magic

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From Vienna Magic c.1987 comes this beautiful miniature illusion.  Self working and mechanical and works like a charm.

Effect: The magician shows a little pedestal and an empty cover. Now he tells the audience a story about an invisible dice. This can only be seen, when the spectators loudly speak a special magic spell. So he sets the cover on the pedestal, and the magic spell is spoken. When the cover is removed, a solid dice has appeared! It can be shown from all six sides! 

Again the performer puts the dice on the pedestal. This time he covers the dice with a special magic cage (a cover with big cut-out holes). At last ¿the cover is set over the cage and the dice. Now the magic-man takes, a little silk a he makes it disappear (any method) . But when the magician removes the cover, the dice has transformed into a little silk. The cage is empty, there is no dice any more! Also the cover is empty!

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Approx. Price: $100.00 (2008) ***

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